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Stew Pot

Entering a fridge near you....

2 June 1980
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Hello and welcome to Stew Pot. A new and innovative comic created by Claudia Neupert. Watch out for the ramblings of Olivia, Elliot and Stewart. Meet crazy homie Stanley the hamster and look out for the "Salade" spa being run in a refrigerator by Zepo, the heavy metal chain smoking carrot and Harvey, Zepo's assitant, a crazy dancing tomato. I hope you enjoy the show...

This comics is somewhat unstable right now so all I can promise is 2 posts a week so watch out for that.

I realize I have been somewhat lazy and I haven't posted as much as I would want to but things happen and my foot is getting better (I sprained my ankle). About the topic of my comic, yes it may be bland and unoriginal RIGHT NOW but it WILL get better, I promise, I have a lot of juicy stuff coming up and I am right now somewhat introducing the characters so bear with me. Why don't I draw about my life and travels? Well because to tell you the truth it´s not something that I am interested in drawing about. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and I love my somewhat unstable life but I like to communicate other things and as I said before the best is yet to come. So keep checking up on Stew Pot and thank you for reading.

If I added you to my friends list chances are I thought you might like my comic. I know I've posted very little just give it a chance, please?

If you are looking for my personal journal look no further, here it is: countessolivia. Drop me a line sometime! This is me:

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Also, in East Timor I taught comics and illustration to young kids. It's was a volunteer job but it was awesome and I loved it. In case you wanna check out the site of the place where I taught go here. Or if you wanna check out my profile in the volunteers section go here.

I also maintain and run these communities:
_kittie_ A Community for lovers of the band KiTTie.
cheesefactory An Arts Community.
mazapansticker Mazapan Sticker Comics Community.
patatas A Community for Comic Writers.
poppy_z_brite A Community for fans of Poppy Z. Brite.
symphony Symphony Dark Arts Community (NEW, JOIN NOW!!!)
velvet_goldmine Community for the lovers and fans of the movie Velvet Goldmine

Oh, by the way. Here are some comics I have made in the past. Countess Olivia Sez:

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